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Editor and creator of Joy
Amy Barnes


Past Photographers:


Bob Arnold, columnist,  "The Networker" 
Katrina Barnes, calendar, “Let’s Do It!”
D.J. Barnett, Resident Poet, "The Reading Nook"
Tyler Hatfield, layout and columnist “From a Technical Mind”
Bryan Lefelhoc, columnist, “Rise and Shine”
Mary Olson, columnist, “Off the Shelf”
Chris Pickens, columnist, "Vegan Vittles"
Michelle Riley, columnist, "Dig It!" 
Rachel Shepard, columnist, "The In Box"
Robert Soroky, columnist, "Healthy Trails"

Past "The Reading Nook" Authors and Stories
Amy Barnes: "Toby's Story," "What Grief Eats: The Unintended Lesson" and "Dead Sheep Don't Breathe"
Christopher Barnes: "Little Truths" and "One Week With Kyle Hodge"
Kevin Oney"Life and Recovery of an American Addict"
Janine Smalley:“The Duck Who Would Not Swim,” “Gomer and Henry Save Christmas,” “Forever Friends,” “Trapping the Leprechaun,”  “April Showers Bring Blossom,”  and “The Girl With The Crooked Smile.”
Robert Soroky"Ringworld"

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Tyler Hatfield

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