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Out of the Box

   Letters to the editor will appear in the "Out of the Box" segment of the "Community" section.

   There are some guidelines, and here they are:

1.     In keeping with the rest of the magazine, no politics, no religion.

2.     Nothing that is spiteful or just plain mean.

3.     Letters will run as submitted, which means because there all kinds of online resources available for spell checking, editing, and grammar, we are not going to clean it up for you.

4.     Letters may be edited for length. Suggested maximum length is 150 to 200 words. Chose them wisely. Keep in mind this is a family magazine and watch those word choices.

5.     There is no guarantee of publication, but we will do our best to get all in that follow the guidelines.

6.     Letter writers will be verified by phone, usually between 6 and 9 in the evening except for Sundays. If we cannot verify, the letter will not run.

7.     All letters must include the name of the author and city of residence (and state, if it is outside of Ohio), all of which will be published. You do not have to live in Medina County to submit a letter.

8.     Include a phone number we can call for verification.

Letters can be emailed to:

with “Out of the Box” in the subject line.

Or mailed to:

Out of the Box

Joy of Medina County Magazine

1114 N. Court, #144

Medina, Ohio 44256


   We are looking forward to hearing from you!