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Did you know that not all companies

 are invited to advertise in

Joy of Medina County Magazine?


We don’t allow just any company within our pages.


We look at each company’s reputation, feedback, ratings, and more

 to determine if it will get to enjoy the perks and prestige

 of being one of our advertisers.


Our readers know they can expect excellent products and services

 when they do business with an advertiser

 in Joy of Medina County Magazine.


Our advertisers rest easy knowing that their “neighbors” in the magazine

 are all as high-quality as they are.



if our publisher is going to

 put her name, hat and reputation on the line

to promote a company,

it had better be a good one!


If you would like to become one of the exclusive, very well cared for advertisers

of Joy of Medina County Magazine, please contact

Publisher Amy Barnes at 330-461-0589

or at