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Kel Bulkowski

 “Bite Me!”

Kel Bulkowski is a lifelong Medina resident of 30 years with a passion for cooking, eco-friendly living, writing, the outdoors, exotic animal rescue, and spending time with her friends and loved ones.


As a lifelong animal lover with a passion for all of the misunderstood "creepy-crawly" animals, such as snakes and spiders, she runs a small, local exotic reptile and avian rescue out of her family home and has worked as a digital animal educator in Medina for several years.


Bulkowski has taken in and given or found forever homes for a wide range of reptiles, lizards, snakes, amphibians, invertebrates, tarantulas, and scorpions.


She has participated in everything from the rescue of a fancy pigeon that had been attacked to removing a large gravid female jumping spider from a homeowner’s window.

When she is not working with animals, she enjoys creating new, healthy flexitarian recipes (a cross between full vegan and vegetarian, allowing for use of occasional animal products) and experimenting with new dishes with flavors from around the world.


Her favorite recipes are Mediterranean, authentic Mexican, and Asian inspired but will try just about anything spicy, savory or sweet.


Currently, she plans to earn degrees in herpetology and entomology to expand her exotic rescue effort and to start an animal education program in Medina and surrounding areas.


Contact Kel at or regarding exotic rescues and surrenders.