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Joy of Medina County Magazine

Novel Contest


   We're looking for an unpublished author! Do you know someone who has written a book but never got it published? Someone who is frustrated with trying to enter the publishing world and finding they have to be published before they can be published?

   Joy of Medina County Magazine is currently accepting submissions to be the next featured Reading Nook book!

The Details

   Books must be submitted electronically in their entirety.

   Submitted books must be original works by the submitting author and not be previously published in part or in whole.

   Books can be fiction or non-fiction. However, any non-fiction books must be about a person, place, or thing with a clear connection to Medina County.

   All submitting writers are urged to keep in mind that Joy of Medina County Magazine is a family-friendly publication. While various social issues can be addressed, there is not to be cursing, sexual situations, or anything else that would be unsuitable.

   There is no charge for submitting a manuscript for consideration. Choosing of the winning manuscript is completely at the discretion of Blake House Publishing, LLC.

   By submitting a book to Joy of Medina County Magazine, writers understand that if their book is chosen:

1.    The winning submission will be published a chapter or two at a time each month in Joy of Medina County Magazine until the entire book is published with the author listed as the author. Initial: ____

2.      The writer agrees the book will not be published in part or in its entirety by any other person, company or entity until after Joy of Medina County Magazine has finished publishing the entire book. A book is considered finished publishing after the final chapters have published in Joy of Medina County Magazine. Initial: ____

3.      If a book is published by another entity following publication by Joy of Medina County Magazine, there must be a notation on the back of the title page that it was first published in Joy of Medina County Magazine. Initial: ____

4.      There is no financial award, compensation or salary with submitting or winning the publication of a book. Initial: ____

5.      The winning submission will be professionally edited for grammar, clarity, and readability. There is no charge for the editing service, which has a value of $50 per hour. Initial: ____

Please print this page, initial where indicated, sign and date it and scan it and include it with your submission.

I, the undersigned, have read and understand all conditions set forth regarding the requirements and specifications of submitting my manuscript for possible publication in Joy of Medina County Magazine, both in print and as an e-edition.


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